How It Works

1 – Epicenter is the referral program, in fact each person participating in the network will get:

a)% on each new subscription you bring

b)% on ADV

c)% on MarketPlace2

2- Sponsorship

3 – Jag gives you a% on every subscription to Charity for the less fortunate
4 – Convert your virtual wallet to get real money
5 – Try to grab the First NFT great rewards are available for you

Create Account

To participate and earn with the JAG project, just register on this site and get your referral link.

Get your referral Link

Once you have your referral link you can send them to your friends, who in turn will sign up and get their referral link.

Send your referral link for Reward

The first person who sends the link will be at the top of the pyramid, the following ones will in turn send the link creating the 7 levels of the tree affiliation scheme.